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EyeFit gamers with Biofinity®

  • Gamers spend 35 hours/week in front of a computer screen*
  • Gamers typically have a lower than average blinking rate, leading to discomfort in the form of dry eye*
  • Many gamers will play with great concentration until near exhaustion, playing for hours with few, if any, breaks*

There's more to a proper fit than parameters, profiles, and preference of wear time. Thankfully, the line of Biofinity lenses makes it easier for you to fit the unique needs of everyone. Including gamers.

  • Natural wettability

    Stays moist without wetting agents, surface treatments, and other additives—helping minimize deposits and maintain wearing comfort

  • High oxygen transmissibility

    Ample oxygen for daily or extended wear (Dk=128)—helping maintain healthy corneal physiology

  • Low modulus

    With a lens material that's significantly softer than any other monthly silicone hydrogel, Biofinity lenses enhance comfort*

  • Extended wear

    You have the flexibility to prescribe them for up to six nights/seven days at a time to optimize patient convenience