EyeFit Biofinity® for Comfort and Perfomance

With the broadest range in parameters and AQUAFORM® Comfort Science, Biofinity is setting a new standard for the silicone hydrogel category.


Ideal for new and existing wearers.

  • Aberration-neutralizing system enhances visual clarity
  • End-of-day comfort study shows wearers prefer Biofinity*

Biofinity toric

For patients with astigmatism.

  • Optimised ballast design improves lens stability
  • An easy-to-fit stable toric lense means less rotation

Biofinity multifocal

Fit even more presbyopic patients.

  • Premium lens with a streamlined fitting process
  • Balance Progressive Technology allows for two different optical designs utilizing the processing power of the visual cortex to enhance vision

Learn how Biofinity fits the unique needs of your patients.